Make a difference

Ace is hiring Counselor, Academic Mentors,

Tutors and Interns.


Most of our classes and tutorials take place on nights and weekends. This means you can still hold on to your full-time job, school commitments, or other opportunities. In fact, many of our teachers and tutors work or study full-time.

Create Personalized ACT Prep Plan and Assigned Mentor 

An experienced couselor and tutor will work with you one-on-one. Our goal is to assess your learning style and will develop a customized study plan for you during the zoom meeting. Ultimately, this will result in a customized tutoring plan that targets your weaknesses and to maxmized your learning outcome.

Work With Your Tutor One-On-One

You will work together with your tutor executing your ACT prep plan. Our mentors make themselves accessible to fit your needs. Each class will have an goal with plan, so that your time is spent on the foremost high-impact activites. ACE will help you rectify your weaknesses in order to reach your goal. 

Monitor Your Progress and Work with Your Mentor

Your tutor and mentor will monitor your progress through customary evaluation and mock exams. ACE will provide weekly update and recommendation and will adjust your study plan accordingly. ACE use practice tests and mock exams to help student to monitor progress. You are ready to ACE the ACT!

Our mentor will continue to work with you, provide targeted feedback and answer any questions that you have after your exam. 

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